miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Piers Morgan Embarrasses Woman And Reduces Her To Tears On Live TV

Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

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Piers Morgan Embarrasses Woman And Reduces Her To Tears On Live TV

Piers Morgan reduced a young mum to tears after calling her 'the worst kind of parent'.

Sarah Louise Bryan appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the fact that she invoiced a friend for £325 after her daughter's red leather boots were marked after a playdate. Yeah, it's a bit of a dick move but 'worst kind of parent'?

Yeah, she's a bit strange. She's the same one who made a dress out of stranger's pubic hair, but claiming someone's a bad parent is really fucking harsh. During the debate, Sarah said: "If you sent your child somewhere to be looked after by a responsible parent and they came back with scratches on their body..."

Piers interrupted, saying: "But you're not a responsible parent, are you?"

She hit back: "But you don't even know what I am."

Piers then said: "I do know what kind of parent you are, you're the worst kind."

Eventually, Sarah's eyes began to fill up as she said: "I've had so much abuse [on social media], you don't even understand.

"You have absolutely no idea. This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair.

"You know when I was younger I got abused and everything. And this is over a pair of shoes."

Sarah claims that 'as a designer' she doesn't want her child 'to look anything less than pristine'.